Fix Error-327 JET_errBadPageLink Database Corrupted

MS Exchange server is a mail and calendaring server which stores huge amount of data in its Exchange database file i.e. EDB file. Sometimes, the Exchange Database file was corrupted due to some reasons such as sudden shutdown, virus attacks, network problem, etc. If the Exchange database file became logically corrupted then it generates JET error 327. An error message appears on the screen due to JET error-327 are mentioned as below:

“Operation terminated with error -327 (JET_errBadPageLink, Database corrupted)”

Therefore, in this post, we are going to discuss the cause behind the error 327 and the relevant solutions to fix JET error-327 “JET_errBadPageLink”.

Cause Behind the JET Error 327

The main reason behind the occurrence of the JET_errBadPageLink error in Exchange server is the logical corruption of a database. The logical corruption mainly occurs at database engine. When the invalid index entries occur or index entries refer to the missing value then the user of Exchange server receive the JET error-327 JET_errBadPageLink.

Methods To Troubleshoot JET_errBadPageLink Database Corrupted

Method 1: Restore Exchange Database from Backup Copy

If the Exchange database file was logically corrupted and an error-327 arises then it can be resolve by restoring the Exchange database from the backup copy of the database. If the backup copy of Exchange database is not available then JET_errBadPageLink problem can be solved by using ESEUTIL command.

Method 2: Run Eseutil Command to Recover the Corrupted Exchange Database File

Follow the below mentioned steps to run the inbuilt utility named Eseutil to repair the corrupted Exchange database:

  • Mount the Exchange database
  • Run PowerShell eseutil /p command to repair EDB file
  • Now, execute eseutil /k to check consistency of database

Method 3: Using Move Mailbox Feature

JET_errBadPageLink database corrupted Error can also be fixed by running the Exchange Administrator program and then move all users from your Exchange Server to another online Exchange server using the 'Move Mailbox' feature. After that, recreate the mailbox store on your Exchange Server and move all users back to this server.

Method 4: Alternative Solution: The Best Approach

The above-mentioned manual methods to recovererror -327 (JET_errBadPageLink, Database corrupted) is lengthy and time-consuming. Therefore, to overcome come the limitation of manual approach, there is an alternative method available i.e. Exchange Recovery tool. This is the best solution to repair corrupted Exchange database.

Conclusion: The JET error-327 JET_errBadPageLink usually arises in Exchange server due to the logical database corruption. In this article, we have discussed manual and automated methods to resolve the error-327. Manually, tis issue can be fixed by restoring Exchange database from a backup file, running Eseutil command and using Move Mailbox feature. If you fail to remove JET error-327 using manual solutions then you can use a third party tool to fix bad page link error in Exchange server.